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Buyer's Inspections

This is the most common type of inspection.  When a person wants to buy a home, they will want to know more about the house to make an informed decision.  The report will provide and objective, visual, and detailed explanation of the structure and functioning components of the house at the time of the inspection.

Seller's Inspections

A Seller's Home Inspection will typically take place before putting the house on the market.  This types of inspection is also know as a Pre-Listing Inspection.  This type of inspection shows a better understanding of the condition of the home that may be discovered by a prospective buyer.  A Seller's Inspection gives time to find adequate and affordable options to correct any problems in advance and avoid having to go through negotiations with a prospective buyer.

New Construction Inspections

Identifying any issues before "signing off" on a newly constructed home makes the question of the homeowner's remedy much less of an issue.  It also gives peace of mind for the new buyer as they move into their brand new home.

One Year Builder's Warranty Inspections

Typically, the sale of a newly built home involves a one-year warranty in which the builder is obliged to correct any issues that may arise within the first year of ownership.  Before the one year warranty expires, one or two months before the expiration date, it is wise to have a professional home inspection conducted so you understand precisely what needs to be fixed.

Informational Inspections

Having an inspection for informational purposes is an alternative for consumers who still want all the details about this potential new home but are not interested in reopening negotiations at the conclusion of the home inspection.  This type of inspection will allow the prospective buyer to  decide which areas of the home need the most attention.

Roof Inspections

The weather in Kansas can often be very harsh, with hail storms in the spring and early summer, super strong wind gusts at all times of the year, and the extreme temperature changes all year long.  After a recent storm, it is wise to have the roof checked for any shingles that may have fallen off which can lead to water seeping into tiny cracks inside your home.  

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