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How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

May 31, 2022

By Mira Ehrlich

The number one question I get asked about home inspections is, How much does a home inspection cost? My answers are rarely the same. The truth is there are many factors that go into setting the price for a home inspection.

Before we get into the cost, lets talk more about what a home inspection is and the reasons for getting a home inspection.

8 Simple Ways to Prepare Your House for a Home Inspection​

February 14, 2022

By Mira Ehrlich

So, you’ve decided to sell your house? You have a great realtor, an offer has been put on your home, and you want to make sure that the final home inspection goes smoothly.

Not to worry! You can do these 8 easy things to make sure that your inspection will go smoothly.

Before you learn about what you can do to make your home inspection go smoothly, let’s talk about what a home inspection is and what it is not.

What is a home inspection?

This is the final walk through after an offer has been put on your home. It will include many details about the structure and function of the home. Older homes tend to have more unique features to be checked out and take longer to inspect than newer homes do.

Usually a home inspector will check the foundation, roof, HVAC, electrical outlets, fireplace, and the attic to name a few.

There are a couple of ways that a home inspection can be done.

Pre-listing Home Inspection

This is where you as the seller will pay the inspector to come and check out your home to see what types of things may need to be repaired or evaluated before the house is placed on the market. The inspector will then write out a report of his or her findings and give you ideas as to what needs the most attention.  This may help eliminate the negotiation process with the potential buyer.

Buyer’s Home Inspection

This is typically where a buyer will pay an inspector to check out the home. As with the above inspection, the inspector will write out a report of his or her findings and give ideas as to what needs the most attention. Depending on the information presented in the report, the buyer can then make an informed decision about moving forward with the purchase of the home.

What a home inspection is not?

This is not where you will get a list of all the things wrong with the house and the inspector will say it does not pass. It is not a pass or fail home inspection.

The inspector will not tell you if you should or shouldn’t buy the house.

This is not a list of all the things that the seller should fix before you buy the house.

A home inspection will not give you the appraised value of the home.

If you’re the seller, there are many challenges to keeping your home in tip-top shape, while you still live in it. But, by doing these eight things, you can save yourself a lot of time and headaches as you go through the home inspection process.

Access to the Roof & Attic

The roof is an expensive and important part of your home. Make sure that your inspector can easily access the roof. Most inspectors will get on the roof to check for soft spots. If this can’t be done, you may not be getting the most thorough picture of the home.

If the attic is not accessible, then the inspector will not be able to check the attic for moisture or other things that may be hiding up in the attic. It’s a good idea to make sure that access to the attic is clear of any personal items. Inspectors will not move these due to liability factors.

HVAC Unit is Clear of Any Personal Belongings

The furnace and AC unit usually are in areas that are not in plain sight. These tend to have personal items or other things placed in front of them. Keeping items clear of these areas will help the inspector get a detailed picture of how the unit is working.

Keep Home Clean and Tidy

This may seem like an easy fix. But it is a huge help for home inspectors. If there are lots of boxes, papers, shoes, or other things lying around, an inspector will not be able to properly see all details of the home. Something may be missed due to clutter.

Keep Pets in a Secure Area

This is huge! If there is any chance that the inspector may be in an unsafe environment, he or she will not inspect that part of the home. If you have pets, make sure that they are secured, or better yet not at home.

This is a challenge I know. This is a great time to call on family and friends to help out by watching your pets for the few hours it takes for the inspection to be completed.

If you’re able, take your pets for a walk or to a park. For most of us who work, it might be worth the extra money to hire a pet sitter. There are many teenagers looking to earn a little extra cash.

Replace Broken Bulbs

As easy as this is, this can be one of those things that gets forgotten. A broken lightbulb will show up on the inspection report and will eventually need to be replaced anyways. Why not take care of it beforehand and save yourself the piece of mind?

Make Sure Exterior Perimeter is Clear

Your inspector will do a walk through the yard and perimeter of the home. Debris such as: bushes, branches, bikes, leaves, or other things in the yard may prevent the inspector from seeing something important.

Check Toilets

Make sure that the toilets are in proper working order. That is, make sure that you have flushed them a few times and they are working normally before the inspector comes.

Have Paperwork of Recent Repairs

If there is repair work that you’ve done recently to prepare for the inspection, make sure that you have that paperwork. This is a great asset for you. If the inspector sees that work has been done, yet there is still a problem, it will be easy to find where the work was done and have another check and the component may still be under warranty.

Well, there you have it. Now that you know what the inspector needs, you will be ready for that inspection in no time.

A little advanced preparation can go a long way to making the home inspection and selling process go smoothly.

Do you have questions about the home inspections process? We are a phone call away! Let us know how we can make this process easier for you.

What's Missing

November 20, 2017

It's always educational doing a home inspection.  This is what I saw at one of the homes I inspected.  The purpose of a home inspection is to check for  functionality of all features of the home as well as safety.  This sink's faucet water pressure could not be checked due to a missing drain pipe.   I'm glad I looked underneath the sink first before checking the water pressure.

Our Story

August 25, 2019

TM Property Inspections came to life a few years ago, when I found myself in the midst of a career change.  Let me tell you that making a career change was not at all what I thought I'd be doing in my mid 40s.  It can be scary to have a mortgage, family obligations, and other activities that needed my financial support.  However, after much soul searching and prayer, my wife researched several career paths that I was interested in.  Despite all the research she did, I kept coming back to home inspections.  

The aspect of home inspections that I enjoyed the most was being able to still be part of education.  Education is in my blood!!!  I think that in one way, shape, or form it always will be.  I get to see some unique homes and meet amazing people every time I'm out at a home site.  My favorite part of the job is that I get to play a role in helping put home buyers' minds at ease and provide education about the most important decision they will make. 

So, I've been asked a few times about our name.  We decided to keep things simple and it is the initials of me (Tom) and my wife (Mira).  I do the inspections, but my wife does a lot of the work behind the scenes that nobody really sees.  I'm excited to be working in Wichita, and have called this city home for the last 18 years.  Let us help you with your next home inspection!  

TM Property Inspections LLC

Wichita, Ks  67226

(316) 573-2235

Back To School

August 25, 2019​

Back to school can be a stressful time of year.  This past week was my kids' first full week back at school.  I'm glad that they are back and in more of a routine, but it can get to be exhausting!  The morning rush to get kids up, clothes on, eat breakfast, teeth brushed, backpacks together, water bottles (because it's HOT in Kansas in August), and finally packed up in the car to make it on time to school has not been an easy transition for us.  Luckily, we try to tackle major home projects in the summer, so that we don't have to do it during this time of year.  However, ​back to school can be a time to remind yourself that fall is coming, ask are my fall and winter appliances in proper working order?  It can sneak up on you before you know it, you walk outside and you're wondering why it's so cold!!!  


So in the midst of this crazy, busy time, let it be a reminder to set up a time to check your heating systems, furnace, fireplace, hot water heater, and even winterize your lawn.  It might just save you some time and money down the road.

Your helpful home inspector,

TM Property Inspections LLC

Wichita, Ks  67226

(316) 573-2235

TM Property Inspections LLC

Wichita, Ks  67226

(316) 573-2235

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